Picture 1: Playing with colours Picture 2: Didnt have a childhood Picture 3: cute Picture 4: having fun Picture 5: Rules Picture 6: Yes but not a good one  

Chapter 2 was a very intense chapter because there was alot of arguing between each other and a lot of disagreement which got some people fustrated. The major problem for this was the conch and how it gave people the ability to speak which some people found unfair because when people with a lower statice […]

We are introduced to a character named Piggy who is over weight and wears glasses and has asthma also another character named Ralph who had a father who works for the navy. They are stranded on a island because of a atomic bomb which was let of, they got evacuated and the plane must of […]

Chapter 3 was about everyone getting passed what happened in chapter 2 and people growing up for example jack finally had the guts to go hunting

“majority of men, severed in me those provinces of good and ill which divide and compound man’s dual nature .” This quote from the book Jekyll and Hyde shows how a man has a dual personality a good side and a bad side which links in with social contract which is basically how society is […]

I disagree. I think that English is starting to evolve and adapt to people’s life styles. I wouldn’t consider it as destroying. Technology has given us a shortcut in the way we speak online for example the majority of people would rather say u instead of you or yh instead of yes , these are […]

The story of Jekyll and Hyde written by Robert Louis Stevenson is full of suspense which is why this story is so good. In my essay I will be talking about the reason why and how Stevenson causes suspense and mystery. Chapter 2 “search for Hyde” has a lot of mystery and suspense because of […]